Our Partners


  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - Through our extensive contact base we are able to pass on savings to the clients by sourcing often directly from manufacturers. This is particularly important when offering generic products such as for example, government tenders which are very price sensitive, therefore, the ability to be competitive is paramount. Moreover, dealing directly with manufacturers also means we can provide the clients with all the paperwork, such as Certificates of Analysis, Certificates of Origin and Batch Release needed to facilitate importation into their markets. Our long standing successful co-operation with manufacturers  has offerd us the opportunity to partner with them so as to register products for the local market. Our management is always on the lookout for new opportunities to register products.

  • Wholesalers - Our wholesale suppliers represent the bedrock of our business for hard-to-find generic products, but especially branded products and orphan drugs. Within the EU, we are able to check and cross-reference prices for the same branded or generic product, compare availability and offer documentation from our wholesaler suppliers, such as Certificates of Analysis. For example, when executing an order for comparator or reference products their local knowledge and ability to liaise with the producers within their markets is invaluable.


  • Government tender authorities (MOH) - We participate in government tenders principally for our local market but over the years we have participated and won tenders with partners in other markets. Our ability to secure cost-effective medicines and deliver within the stipulated time frame has brought us increased requests and success.

  • Wholesalers - Whilst we source from wholesalers in many markets, a growing number of them are also our clients. The inter-change of information and changing access means we are always switching roles.

  • Research Institutes - We supply research institutes with small quantities of pharmaceuticals for laboratory work, as well as clinical trial organizers. Requests from both have increased over the last few years as have their demands for traceability. MA Pharmaceutcials works closely and tirelessly to secure the correct product and documentation.

  • Selected clients under ‘named patient supply programmes’ - Governments around the world have initiated programs for the treatment of patients with unmet medical needs. This often necessitates access to medicines that have not been approved on the home country of the patient, so-called (Named Patient Programs). Upon requests from clinics, hospitals, wholesalers and government agencies, MA Pharmaceuticals supplies such medicines.