What We Do

Cyprus offers a perfect location between Europe, Asia and North Africa to service our clients.  Its strategic position allows us to take advantage of the time difference and respond faster than our competitors based in other parts of the globe

Access to affordable pharmaceuticals is seen by us as a right and with this basic tenet we strive daily to satisfy the goal and aspiration of each client and with each request.  We supply the following products:


  • Generic Pharmaceuticals – Over the last 5-10 years the availability of generic drugs has led to a substantial reduction in costs for both patients and governments. Sometimes, generic drugs are the only lifeline for patients in many markets around the world and their prevalence and accessibility has fuelled policy changes and helped many developed markets make cost savings.  MA Pharmaceuticals aims to offer the best prices possible through our wide contact base not just with other wholesalers but directly with producers as well;

  • Branded Pharmaceuticals – Every year, new innovative, lifesaving products are launched by the multinational pharmaceutical companies. MA Pharmaceuticals' focus is to offer, these often unique products, to our worldwide clients. Moreover, we cross-reference prices from various markets and offer the best solution to the clients;

  • Comparator drug sourcing for clinical and laboratory research – Sourcing comparator or reference drugs is not easy. It is a complex process that marries a knowledge of trading and an understanding of where the products are to be found. Multinationals are particularly keen not to see their products traded on the grey markets, so the whole process is fraught with difficult. It calls for a deft hand and a strong resolve to find the products requested by the client. Sourcing the products is only one side of the coin. The need to a have  traceable paper trail is as often as difficult as finding the product itself. At MA Pharmaceuticals, we have seen a year to year increase in this part of the business and we are fully committed to our clients in the clinical trial or laboratory needs;

  • Orphan Drugs – We have seen a substantial and growing interest in Orphan drugs and Rare Diseases products over the last few years. MA Pharmaceuticals supports and guides clients on the best strategy and route to access these medicines.

  • Medical Devices - We aim to represent innovative manufacturers of medical devices for the local market.  This segment is expanding with many new products and opportunities.